What happens in Vegas…

One of the problems with being a perfectionist is that I am rarely content with what I create. I’m always thinking of what could’ve been improved. So, it’s even more rare when a finished album comes in that surprises me and exceeds my expectations. That’s what happened when Tom and Gigi’s engagement album arrived…. I almost didn’t want to deliver it, I just wanted to keep it as a “sample album.”

Perhaps first, a little background. Tom and Gigi will be tying the knot in January of 2014. Having photographed Gigi’s sister’s wedding in April of 2012, I know it will be fabulous. Cindy and John’s wedding was a featured wedding in Chicago Style Weddings, and I have no doubt Gigi’s will be equally beautiful. The surprise came when Gigi called to ask if she and Tom could fly me to Vegas to photograph their engagement session because they both love going there and actually got engaged their as well.

A whirlwind shoot followed where we photographed at some of the strips most beautiful hotels- The Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, Venetian to name a few. My good friend Ben Newton drove up from LA to assist and we had a blast creating this album of sexy sin-city images. The album features a metal photo cover and Gigi’s favorite images from a memorable Vegas visit.

Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0348 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0349 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0350 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0351 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0352 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0353Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0354 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0355 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0356 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0357 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0358 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0359 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0360Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0361 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0362 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0363 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0364 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0365 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0366 Andre-LaCour-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Vegas_0367