Wedding Guide Chicago Fashion Shoot 2014

I look forward every year to the editorial fashion shoot with Wedding Guide Chicago magazine. It’s a fun, exciting and creative day, where I get to work with a very talented group of professionals.

{I must confess… seeing my cover on the newsstand never gets old.}

In all seriousness, I do find that my wedding photography skills have enhanced, as I find myself photographing more fashion and editorial photo shoots. An interesting aspect of this type of work is trying to infuse the images with some emotion and spontaneity — the  two ingredients which typically exist on a wedding day between a couple in love. Finding this emotion can be challenging when photographing professional models who have just met. One thing that fashion photo shoots, like this, and “real life” wedding days have in common — the swiftness of transitions and the opportunity I have to create a variety of images in a very short span of time. Wether the clients are the happy couple and their parents or the art director and their publisher, you have to deliver the results. Lights! Camera! Action! It’s my passion.

These images below can be found in the Fashion section of Wedding Guide Chicago’s 2014 editions. You can find the entire issue of Wedding Guide Chicago on newsstands throughout Chicago and the suburbs today! I’ve also included a few photos that show off behind the scenes… enjoy!

Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1141 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1142 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1143 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1144 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1145 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1146 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1147 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1148 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1149 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1150 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1151 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1152 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1153 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1154 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1155 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1156 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1157 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1158 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1159 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1160 Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1161Andre-Lacour-Photography-Wedding-Guide-Chicago-Fashion-PhotoShoot_1163

Client: Wedding Guide Chicago
Photographer: Andre LaCour Photography
Location: Lacuna Artist Lofts
Hair: Studio 10
Make-up: Total Image
Dresses: Bridal Elegance  |  Eva’s Bridal   |  Veiled in Elegance
Jewelry:  Caffray Jewellers  |  Studio 2015 Jewelry
Accessories:  Bridal Elegance  |  Eva’s Bridal   |  Veiled in Elegance  |  Veiled by Cha Cha
Formalwear: Black Tie Formalwear  |  GC Formalwear