Is Andre an experienced photographer?

Yes, Andre is experienced. He has been photographing weddings for over 25 years. His passion for his work is seen through the artistic expression in each and every photo. Andre holds Craftsman and Masters degrees from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and is a two-time Kodak Gallery award winner and a recipient of the Fuji Masterpiece award. Read more about Andre here >>

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use professional, digital Canon equipment to photograph weddings.

Do you bring back-up equipment?

Yes, we bring back up camera and lighting equipment for both the primary and 2nd photographer.

Will there be a second photographer?

Yes, a 2nd photographer is included in all coverages. Not only do they assist in setting up the lighting equipment, they take alternative angle images for peak moments as well as candids throughout the day.

What areas do you cover?

Andre is based in the great city of Chicago, but available to travel anywhere to photograph your wedding. Among the locations where we have photographed are New York, Louisiana, Texas, Utah and Florida.

Do you offer more than just color photographs?

Yes, we offer color, B&W, vintage and infrared photographs. Images can be printed on traditional photographic paper, watercolor paper, canvas and even metal!

How many images will you take?

1,000 is the typical number of proofs you will choose from. Every event is unique and your selection is only limited by the activities and opportunities the day provides.

What format do you photograph in?

We will photograph in RAW format, not Jpeg for superior print quality. During post production, the raw file is optimized and enhanced to complete my artisitc vision. RAW files contain 16x the data that can be contained in a JPEG.

What if I have more questions?

Ask away! I’d be more than happy to answer any of your photography, wedding, or event questions. Send me a note on my contact page, or feel free to send me an email directly at [email protected].

Are you a registered business?

Yes we are a registered business and also have business liability insurance. It is important when hiring a professional photographer that they have both. Some venues will require proof of insurance from all your vendors.

What is the process after the wedding and how soon can I see the images?

After the wedding, the images from both photographers and all cameras are backed up for security to multiple hard drives. Next the images are edited to remove blinks, excess duplication and any less than perfect moments. The next phase is the post production where selected images are artistically enhanced and all images are mastered. The mastering process takes the raw data from the camera, optimizes it and creates a hi-res jpeg. The jpeg is the format the images will be printed in. Finally, the images will be uploaded to the online gallery so that you can view and share them. The entire process will take 4-5 weeks.

Do we get the photos that you edited out?

As a business, trust that we wish to sell as many images as we can. We will not take out an image unless a better option is available. You do not have access to the out takes and honestly, you wouldn’t want to. You should not hire a photographer who doesn’t know the difference between a good and bad image.

Can we get the raw files?

Generally the answer is no. My reputation is based on a style and quality that I need to control. Giving you the raw files is like going to a 5-star restaurant and the chef let’s you cook your own meal. That said, if it’s extremely important, an appropriate fee could likely be arrived at.

Do we receive the hi-res jpeg’s?

With your completed album, you will receive a USB drive with all the images as hi-res jpegs (without logo). You will also receive a copyright release which enables you to have prints made if you wish. We recommend safe keeping of the USB drive to protect your investment in photography.

Will the images on my USB look the same when I print them at Costco or Walgreens?

You may notice only a small difference in small sizes, but they aren’t printed with the same care and attention as professional labs. This will be particularly noticeable in wall portraits where our graphic artists will again fine-tune the image to the specific size and medium it will be printed on. We offer the finest canvas, metallic, acrylic and metal prints available.

Is there a travel charge?

There are no travel fees for the Chicagoland area. For destination weddings, we will provide a custom quote. We can also photograph destination engagement session.

What do you wear?

Unless your wedding is a more casual event, we wear black professional attire. We are very comfortable with black tie events.

What is your photographic style?

As you view the portfolio, I believe you’ll get a sense why we call it Art+ Emotion. We combine photojournalism, classic and fine art with a fashion flare. But talking about photography is like reading about music. How you label it isn’t important-only wether it speaks to you….I hope that they do.

Do we need to feed you and your staff at the reception?

On coverages over 6hr, we do need to have meals, otherwise your coverage ends when we pass out.

Can you hold a date?

Dates are held with a $900 retainer.

 We are out of town and feel uncomfortable reserving the date without meeting you…  For most of our out of town clients, our reputation, along with a few emails and a phone call usually puts any nerves to rest. We can even set up a FaceTime call.

What if it rains on our day?

We have a weather guarantee! If the lovely Chicago weather doesn’t cooperate and we don’t take planned outdoor photos, we will photograph a 2nd day session for you at no additional charge (M-Th) to complete your coverage.

Should I give you a shot list?

We are very thorough in our coverage of your day. Prior to the wedding we will get your family information on the phone and I will make my own family tree for each family and we will discuss the specific family and any non-standard requests. Be confident in your selection of a seasoned professional to photograph your wedding. If a list makes you more comfortable, you can give one to a friend or bridesmaid who will check them off as the day progresses.

How did you get into photography?

I had a wonderful photography instructor at Willowbrook High School that I kept in touch with during college. He had begun photographing weddings in the summer for extra money. Upon his suggestion, I quit a part time job in order to photograph one day all-day at weddings. As my skills progressed, I went from one studio to another, quitting when I was the best to learn from someone new at the next studio. For many years I ended up managing a staff of 100 photographers for a large studio. Now, joined by my wife, we operate a boutique studio out of our home for discriminating clients while raising two sons. I doubt that my teacher ever thought that photography would become my life’s passion, but I thank him.

Should I ask my guests to refrain from taking photos?

We are the selfie nation and weddings are emotional affairs where family and friends are all together, so it’s only natural that they will want to take photos! However, you may want to consider having an “unplugged ceremony” where guests are invited to sit back and be truly present for the ceremony and not with noses behind their cell phones. In addition to them really experiencing the event, they will not run the risk of ruining the photographer or videographer’s work by stepping into the aisle or taking a flash photo at the wrong time. We’ve even had beautiful wide angle views marred by multiple guest holding iPads in the air! It’s probably unrealistic for them to not take photos at the reception except of course anytime that they would be in the way of the professionals. This would be especially important during the creative photos of the couple and during the family photos, to ensure the quality that you’re investing in.