Welcoming Baby Tessa

It’s always a special honor to photograph a baby’s first family portraits in their home. The joy (and challenges) of parenthood at the beginning of a long and wonderful journey. Tess was a great model and barely fussed as we took several different set ups. She did seem to take a little delight on peeing on Mom and Dad during her naked baby photos! What a wonderful time in their lives and a privilege to get to be a part of it for a little while, and create photos to capture it forever. Before I became a parent, I gave the worst advice, which was “wait until 6 months and they can do something”. Well, the truth is they change so fast that I now recommend to get photos as soon as you are able and within 6-8 weeks. While they are a lot of photographers who take “cute + colorful” photos with trendy props, I tend to prefer a simpler approach that I feel will be timeless. I hope you enjoy them.