Jill & Alex’s NYE Wedding at Architectural Artifacts

What happens when an event planner marries on New Year’s Eve?
A fabulous and unique event with plenty of personalized details of course!

New Years weddings are always extra festive and that was certainly the case for Jill and Alex’s wonderfully eclectic celebration. Architectural Artifacts provided the unique background for all of their personal touches, while their family and friends warmed the night with laughter, love and revelry.

Jill, owner of IC3 Events, choose an Art Deco “Architectural” style for an eclectic and vintage glamour vibe to their New Year’s Eve wedding.

With my bohemian style I thought I wanted something very simple. Well, that’s the furthest from what I ended up with! When I was shown this lovely hand-beaded Lazaro dress, my jaw dropped. It was a piece of art! The nod to an Art Deco and “Architectural” style was perfect for the wedding  “theme” I was adoring.

Venue: Architectural Artifacts
Photographer: Andre LaCour Photography
Floral: Randy Ballesteros from Revel Decor
Music: DJ Dominic Wayne
Caterer: Food for Thought
Accessories: Erin Cole and Susanne Gadegaard
Shoes: Caparros
Bride’s Ring: Jeff Carter Jewelers

More from the bride:

Susanne Gadegaard , located in Denmark, made all the custom pieces. I shared photos of the girls and their dresses over Google Docs. She sent quotes, sketches and photos of the materials throughout the process. I love the way each overall look turned out and all the ladies looked spectacular in their own ways.

“Ohm” is the tattoo on my back which I designed. It is to remind myself that everyone under the sun is created equally; that everything happens for a reason and is only controlled by your decisions, your actions and your interpretations of how life is presented to you.

My Hankee namesake – I was baptized with a bonnet my parent’s friend had given to me at birth. With the bonnet came a poem, it was always so special to me, that my mom and I managed to keep it in pristine condition.

One weekend , while cleaning mom’s garage we found my baby book and the magic hanky bonnet… I wanted a way to share this with our guests and decided they could all through up a hanky at midnight as a symbolic departing with my maiden name of Hankee. So, Alex and I  searched eBay for 200 hanky’s, Mite printed the envelopes with a poem I wrote for the guests and my mom carefully pressed all 200 squares!

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